Filthy Franny and the 4 Faery Fleas

Filthy Franny and the 4 Faery Fleas
By M.W. PennFilthy Franny and the 4 Faery Fleas
Illustrated by Mike Linton
Gumboot Books 2009

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Franny likes to swing from tree limbs, chase lizards and play in mud, but she doesn’t like to take baths. When she wishes for a Faery Godmother to whisk her to far off lands, the fates instead send her the much more appropriate Faery Fleas.

Join Franny and fleas Freddie, Frankie, Frieda and Flo on a jolly journey through the digits.

“MW Penn’s book is a fascinating frolic through the imaginative lands of the digits. Young readers love to journey with the Faery Fleas while learning the framework of our base 10 place value system.” – Carol Knapp, librarian at the Blackwater Community School in Arizona