Modeling the CCSS on Fractions, a Program for Teachers

Modeling the CCSS on Fractions, a Program for Teachers

Understanding the CCSS for Fractions in Grades 3-5

Fractions for grade 3 (PPT)
Fractions for grade 4 (PPT)
Fractions for grade 5 (PPT)

To familiarize teachers with the standards for fractions, M.W. Penn created this three part lecture series on modeling each CCSS on fractions for grades 3-5.

A power point presentation modeling each of the CCSS on fractions grades in 3, 4, 5:
In her own words, “Many of my recent sessions at NCTM conferences at the national, regional and state level have focused on the CCSS for fractions in grades 3-5: I have modeled each of the standards on fractions in these grades in both area models and on the number line, building an arc of continuity for teaching the concept. It was a time consuming endeavor, but very enlightening. Though the language of the standards may at times prove tedious, following this particular strand will result in a greater depth of understanding for students.”

M.W. Penn began her professional career designing software and writing software manuals. She is an award winning author of fifteen children’s picture books and has coauthored a teacher’s guide to creating math activities based on classics of children’s literature; her math/poetry appears in Highlights for Children and several anthologies. She has presented ‘Stories that Count: Literature in the Math Classroom’ at numerous state, regional and national conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and reviewed books and articles for NCTM journals.

3-5 teachers, elementary math specialists

90 minutes to 3 hours

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